Presbyopia (reading glasses age)

Reading Glasses AgeAs we all get older things begin to change, including our eyes. What was once “easy to read, tiny print”, suddenly becomes a task in itself. Wish those arms were just a tad longer? Eventually even your food starts to look blurry.

What’s The Solution? Simple, just book yourself an eye test for you are now Presbyopic. May sound like a religion of some sort but is in fact a posh way of saying “Reading glasses stage reached in life”.

Many people simply buy a pair of off-the-shelf cheap “ready readers”. These ready readers assume both eyes are identical in shape and prescription. Look at your two feet now, are they exactly identical in all ways? Chances are there are differences as it is rare to have two identical feet, or hands, or even eyes.

Ready readers simply magnify, so one eye only really sees and even that is not in perfect focus. Try walking around in a pair of shoes, one a size smaller than the other and see how you get on. So why should you do the same with your eyes?

At our opticians you will first have your eyes balanced for distance vision, and then both eyes will be corrected for close work so they see the same – a bit like wearing good fitting shoes come to think of it!

Remember your eyes are as important as any other part of your body, so look after them.