BLU+V lenses

Protect your vision against the harmful effects of blue light exposure with BLU+V lenses.

Artificial lighting, televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones all emit harmful blue light which can lead to headaches, eye fatigue and can interfere with natural sleep.

Now available at TOTAL EYECARE, BLU+V lenses.

BLU+V filters out harmful blue light radiation for clearer, sharper vision but still allows positive light wavelengths through.

  • BLU+V Lenses reflect the harmful blue light of UV
  • BLU+V Lenses allow friendly visible light to pass through
  • BLU+V Lenses make no difference to light perception
  • BLU+V Lenses reduce eye strain when using electronic devices
  • BLU+V Lenses have the unique filter built INTO the material of the lens so you can still have an Antiglare coating added
  • BLU+V lenses available in single vision and varifocal lenses

A newly conducted study by Ecole d`Optometrie from the University of Montreal*, found that:

  • Wearing a lens treated with a blue light filter coating helped reduce symptoms of eyestrain by half during prolonged computer exposure
  • After wearing a lens treated with a blue light filter coating, subjects with symptoms of eyestrain due to prolonged computer exposure felt a significant improvement of the following symptoms: dry eyes, sticky eyes, and the feeling of grittiness or “sand” in the eye. They also reported a trend of the overall vision and improved visual performances in situations of low contrast.

*With acknowledgement to