VDU / Computer Screen Users

Us humans were never really designed to spend hours and hours looking at a computer screen a few feet away from us every working day of our life- and yet most of us do. Not surprisingly many of us complain of eye strain or headaches. Taking painkillers is never really more than a short term measure. It is much better to get to the root of the cause of the underlying problem, in which case a visit to an optician would definitely seem like a good idea.

Casual businessman at VDU with eye strainAt TOTAL EYECARE a full examination of your visual system is what would be recommended. It may be that a corrective prescription is required to solve the problem.

It may be that the six muscles around each eye that have to work together are perhaps not doing their job correctly? Eye exercises to strengthen them may be suggested, or if this does not work, the use of what is termed Prismatic correction may be necessary.

When we look at distant objects we blink on average about 15 times per minute. When we look at a computer screen or tablet, we blink at a much reduced 8 times a minute or thereabouts. This constant staring may lead to visual problems, especially if we are suffering from a tear dysfunction, as many of us do. It is a bit like trying to look through a dirty pair of glasses where everything seems slightly out of focus and more difficult to see. If this common eye condition is diagnosed then a simple remedy can be advised that will start to rectify the tear dysfunction.

Book yourself an eye examination at TOTAL EYECARE. Tell Nirmal about your VDU woes and let him try and help alleviate your computer related visual problems. You may even be told your eyes are working fine without any intervention being required apart from taking regular breaks away from the screen throughout the day.