Many people visit an optician because they are suffering from headaches. There are numerous reasons as to why one may get a headache but some will be due to problems with the eyes.

An optician is able to check various factors that may be causing the suffering. Most headaches from eyestrain tend to be what is termed Frontal, or over the brow headaches. These may be due to an uncorrected prescription. If this is the case then spectacle or contact lens correction may be just the answer to all your woes.

Human eyeOther reasons for frontal headaches may be due to weak eye muscles that simply get tired easily and then cause the associated pain as a result of the strain.

Young children and adults may be then prescribed eye exercises to help strengthen these muscles and thus alleviate the eyestrain and accompanying headache. Older patients may need to be fitted with prisms. Prisms are built into a spectacle lens to help do some of the work normally done by the eye muscles. The only way to check if your headaches are due to weak eye muscles is to visit opticians so they can be checked.

There are occasions however when headaches may be a sign of something that needs urgent medical attention. These are relatively rare, but nonetheless require identifying as soon as is possible so the underlying cause can be treated. Sudden double vision, or very painful headaches, or signs of a tender scalp or jaw all need urgent attention.

Regular visits to your opticians – just like your regular dentist visits – are strongly advised. Here at TOTAL EYECARE we look forward to looking after your precious gift of sight. Simply book an appointment and leave the rest to us, the professionals.